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ARKTOS | 120

ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel


Fast and playful. Race and Trail. You're going to be crushing PRs and impressing your buddies... plus you can still rip the drops and gaps with confidence.

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ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel

Color: Sand / Burnt Orange
Sand / Burnt Orange
Gray / Light Gray
Charcoal / Sunburst
Matte Lunar Gray / Astro Gold
Metallic Blood Orange
Frame Size: XL
Components: Shimano XT
Shimano XT
SRAM X01 Eagle

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Upgrades and Extras

  • ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel

    Arktos Conversion Kit

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  • ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel

    RideWrap Your Bike - Installed by RideWrap in Golden, CO (clear)

    the perfect way to protect your paint! (adds 1-2 weeks to delivery time)
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  • ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel

    Custom Paint

    An alchemist will reach out to you to plan your paint! Note: for more intricate paintjobs, more payment may be required.
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Why the Arktos 120?

You have as much (more?) fun powering uphill as you do ripping down. Our alchemists have blended the best of both for your ideal bike: the Arktos 120. Sure, full-on XC race bikes are super fast and nimble, but hit any legit descent and you’re hanging on like an amateur cowboy on an especially angry bull! Alchemy’s modern geometry combined with our signature Sine Suspension virtually eliminates ‘pedal bob’, providing instant, efficient, forward power to attack climbs, rollers and sprints. And when it’s time to head back down, the 130mm/120mm of FOX Factory, Kashima-coated front/rear suspension punches well above its weight, so you can retake the reins and tame all but the most obstacle-ridden descents (save those for our 135 or 150 models). Wherever flat-out speed, confident descending, and all-day comfort are required, the Arktos 120 lets you earn your reward ad then shred it!

One Model to RIDE Them All:
Conversion Kits:Quickly transform your 120 into a 135 or even a 150 (and back again) with Alchemy’s conversion kits: Get two bikes in one – for a fraction of the cost of buying a second bike – and always have the ideal rig for your immediate riding plans. Kits include corresponding shock and fork.

ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel


ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel
ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel



ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel

Exclusive SINE Suspension System

The ARKTOS features the Sine Suspension System Alchemy’s patented dual-linkage platform and latest evolution of an anti-squat full suspension system.

Designed with David Earle after the Sine wave, the Sine Suspension provides next-level performance, and allows the bike to tear up climbs yet descend the roughest terrain with ease. We truly believe it is the best suspension system out there. 


The ARKTOS features a flip chip modification that now offers the ability to transform the ARKTOS from a capable, playful down-country bike with a steeper, more maneuverable geometry to a wickedly fast enduro machine.

‘Flipping the Chip’ changes the head tube and seat tube angle by +/- ¾ of a degree, which in turn changes the ride characteristics of your bike.

ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel


ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel
ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel
ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel
ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel
ARKTOS | 120 – Retired Travel


We have spent over a decade and countless hours perfecting our carbon layups. We engineer our frames to be stronger, lighter, and reliable. Our team of fabricators ensures our carbon bike frames are designed to be integrated with our suspension systems providing better kinematics compared to other mountain bikes. Whether it is our 5+ of NAHBs award winning carbon layups or our lifetime warranty on frames, you can rest assured your Alchemy carbon frame is built to stand the test of time. The Arktos is one of the most laterally stiff bikes ever produced. With a fully-triangulated rear swingarm, oversized suspension pivots, and compact linkage, the ARKTOS by design is made to handle anything you can throw at it. Designed and prototyped in Colorado, this bike was built to handle the rugged terrain of the Rockies.