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Alchemy Ambassador Highlight | Leslie Resnick

Leslie Resnick here in Colorado is an avid mountain biker. She not only is a coach at East High School, but is leading the charge when it comes to expanding the sport as an ambassador of the Vida MTB Series. VIDA's mission is to foster a passion among women for mountain biking through the highest quality education and create an inclusive community of riders. We believe Leslie is the perfect catalyst for expanding the sport and are proud to have her as an Alchemy Ambassador. 

Early in her cycling saga she raced road bikes, specifically time trials. Then threw in some mountain bike racing and cyclecross. Her passion for the sport cannot be matched.  As she jokes, she learned to stop a bike by running into a car. So even at an early age, Leslie was pushing the boundaries and going too fast.

Diving into the dirt is in Leslie's nature. Currently she is riding an Arktos | 135 with a mixed wheel setup. Running a 29er in the front and a 27.5" wheel in the back. Leslie mentions, "I get the best of both worlds. It helps me on the descents, and it helps me climbing!". 


And for some quick facts below are some of our trading card questions for Leslie:

Why the Mullet Bike? I was never the 1st to grab hold of new tech, but I am loving my mulleted Alchemy Arktos!!! It climbs, descends and it is a magic carpet ride. That and the high school kids I coach think it is cool! Thus I up my stylie points!

FAVORITE TRAIL: Either Doctor Park, Lenewee, or wherever I am headed next!
MY DREAM VACATION: Finale Ligure, Italy

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