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Arktos Conversion Kit

Travel: 125 R / 130 F

Now using the Fox Float X for 125 and 140 travel. X2 for 150.



What are they? Aftermarket full-suspension kits, easily installed on any Arktos model to turn it into any other Arktos model by increasing or decreasing travel while also optimizing the geometry for the new travel length. 

What does it do? In short our conversion kits turn one bike into a second, very different bike, for a fraction of the cost of buying a complete second bike. Each kit comes with the new corresponding fork and rear shock (along with a shock extension arm) which will drastically alter the ride characteristics to suit the terrain or riding style. So if you own an Arktos 120 for instance, you can change it to an Arktos 135 or 150 and back again (and vice versa).

How does it do it? A simple, sub-30-minute procedure in which you simply swap the existing suspension with the new fork and shock -- dialed for all frame sizes and custom-tuned by FOX for the Arktos frame -- and a shock extender to make it all fit. Along with the new travel length, whether longer or shorter, the frame automatically adjusts to the proper geometry for that amount of travel. So in the above example, the original Arktos 120 will now have the same travel and geometry as the Arktos 130 or 150 (and vice versa of course).

If you have a 2023 model year 125 or 140 Arktos, you can still convert between the two travels easily, however if you want to cover to a 150mm travel from 125 or 140, or vice-versa, you will need an additional component to do so. Please contact us with any questions regarding this type of conversion.