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Get To Know Evan Geonkoplis | Alchemy Pro Racer

Racer Profile: Evan Geankoplis

Coming off a big win in the Cal Enduros series at Mt. Shasta, we wanted to highlights our racer, Evan Geankoplis. 

At 30 years young and from Fair Oaks, CA, Evan started racing back in 2009. Driven by the adventure of traveling to new places, learning the courses and solving his way through them, Evan has proven he is a capable racer with podiums, wins and stellar results. 

One of his most memorable races is his first win! This came at the Livewire classic at Northstar. Adding to the chaos that comes with racing another memorable finish included a stage race in Aspen EWS where, Evan raced with no air in his rear shock, fixing it and finishing. 

Podiums and finishes like this come with help, some of Evan's mentors include Tim Krentz from day one and more recently Brian Lopes. 

We at Alchemy are truly grateful to have Evan on our team. He is a true professional and knows how to push. Now for the for some more random facts about Evan:

Favorite Beer: Coors Light

Favorite Food: Pizza and beer at the bottom of a run in Downieville

Favorite thing to do in your spare time? (not cycling): When not on my bike I still like being active and outside so I love to ride motocross or hangout at the lake riding standup skis.

Place you would love to race/ride one day?: EWS in Chile, [it] looks like my kinda riding.

If you were not riding bikes what do you think you would be doing?: As a kid I raced go karts and was a lot better at driving then riding bikes so if I wasn’t racing bikes I’d like to think I’d be racing cars somewhere. 





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