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How much assembly is required?

Assembly is simple. Check the video here. Once you install the front wheel and handlebars, you will be ready to ride.

The serial number on all mountain bikes is located next to the QR code on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell. On road bikes, the serial number is inside the bottom bracket shell for unpainted titanium bikes and under the bottom bracket for carbon frames. 
For Titanium it can be accessed only by removing the bottom bracket (this is done to avoid potential removal of the serial number in the case of theft).

On all complete road bikes, you have the ability to determine handlebar width, stem length, seat post offset, crank length and gearing at no additional charge.

At our Colorado workshop, Alchemy is capable of providing a full spectrum of custom bike services. This includes a professional on-site bike fitting, made-to-order paint designs, and the ability to select preferred components.

There is not a detailed standard for tire width from the tire manufacturers, and different rim widths create different widths with the same tire, but a general rule of thumb is 2.5 is the max tire an Arktos will accept.

All of the mountain bikes use a 73mm threaded bottom bracket shell.
All of the carbon road, gravel and all-road bikes use a PF86mm bottom bracket.
All titanium road bikes use a 68mm threaded bottom bracket shell. (Note: Current titanium bikes use a threaded shell, but older models used a PF86mm bottom bracket shell, so you will need to confirm which model you have if you are searching for a replacement)

All Arktos (2020 and older) use 10mmX22mm hardware. Arktos 2021 and newer is 10mmx22mm hardware (read) and 8mmx30mm hardware (front)

Alchemy recommends that your sag be set at 25% to 30% of the overall shock travel. Please refer to Fox for full details.

The owner’s manual for your bike should have been in the box with your new bike, but we also have an electronic version here.

Alchemy has a full demo schedule of events we will attend this year and it is listed under the demo tab on our website. We also schedule local demos from our Denver facility.

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