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Through our network of Beeline shops you can service your bike locally.

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We build our bikes because we are fabricators and enjoy riding our bikes, and we want you to enjoy our bikes as much as we do. So if you don’t enjoy riding your Alchemy as much as you like, just call us and we will work with you until you do.

How to Assemble Your Bike

Bike Registration

To register your bike, tell us the date you bought it, the model, and serial number by emailing us above, and we’ll be in touch to confirm when have it registered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much assembly is required?

Assembly is simple. Check the video here. Once you install the front wheel and handlebars, you will be ready to ride. The tires will be set up tubeless from the factory, so you can just inflate to your preferred pressure and go!

Where is the serial number located on my bike?

The serial number on all mountain bikes is located next to the QR code on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell. On road bikes, the serial number is inside the bottom bracket shell for unpainted titanium bikes and under the bottom bracket for carbon frames. For Titanium it can be accessed only by removing the bottom bracket (this is done to avoid potential removal of the serial number in the case of theft).

Do I have any ability to customize the spec details on my road bike?

On all complete road bikes, you have the ability to determine handlebar width, stem length, seat post offset, crank length and gearing at no additional charge.

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