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5 Things To Know About The New 12 Speed Dura Ace

The day has finally come! Shimano has released their latest iteration of the Dura Ace Groupset for road bikes. There are some big changes and improvements to mention. Let's get started by looking at how we got here. Over the last several years, both SRAM and Campagnolo have made strides in their groupsets and technology. Both going 12 speed, SRAM launching AXS, and having their shifting catch up to Shimano performance. It was a matter of time before Shimano made the jump to 12 speed and, did we mention the semi-wireless shifting? Well, let's jump right into it. 

5 Things To Know About The New 12 Speed Dura Ace

  1. The new drivetrain will be 12 speed and will offer wider gearing options. This is probably the biggest, most noticeable improvement. Furthermore, Dura Ace is now an electronic only groupset. Moving away fully from any mechanical shifting. 
  2. The new 9200 series will also feature Servo Wave technology in the brake levers, as well as a better rotor design borrowed from the MTB side of things, which together will offer better modulation and stopping power.
  3. The new drivetrains will also only be available in an electronic "Di2" format, but will change to a partially wireless setup and will boast better battery life than its predecessors.
  4. The new Dura Ace and Ultegra will be more ergonomic at the controls, mimicking the lever feel of the GRX Di2 group.
  5. Finally, the performance of shifting, and rigidity at the crankset will be improved over 9100/8000 series.

Shimano Dura Ace R9200 Specifications

Now lets dive into some of the specs on the new Dura Ace 12 Speed:

  • A set of ST-R9270 shifters weighs 350g
  • The RD-R9250 rear derailleur weighs 215g
    • The RD-R9250 rear derailleur is the system’s homebase, for charging and communication to shifters and batteries
  • The FD-R9250 front derailleur weighs 96g
  • The FC-R9200-P power meter crankset weighs 754g 
  • The BR-R9270 hydraulic caliper set weighs 233g
  • The RT-MT900 rotors, which are coming from Shimano's MTB line, weigh 212g
    • The CS-R9200 cassette comes in three sizes (11-28/30/34) with the 11-28 weighing 223g

    To say the least, we are excited about the new Dura Ace 12 Speed 9200 series. We are lucky enough to have received a limited quantity of kits and are now taking pre-orders for Atlas and Atlas AR complete bikes. If you have been waiting all year to jump on a new bike, now is the time with groups in-stock!

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