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The Alchemy Ronin Carbon: Your Ultimate Gravel Bike

Alchemy introduced the Ronin Carbon at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic, and the handmade carbon fiber gravel bike drew immediate accolades for its straightforward design and beautiful aesthetics. But beyond a great first impression, it was the Ronin’s finish quality and attention to detail that made it the internet-sensation of the event. The Ronin is a ground-up new model for us — a culmination of our 10 years of experience handcrafting carbon frames in the heart of Denver, Colorado. From its tube-to-tube construction to its incredibly smooth ride quality, keep reading to discover why the Ronin is the current pinnacle of custom carbon fiber gravel bikes.

All the Right Features

The Ronin is a new model under the Alchemy roof, but the development process took over five years. This bike boasts a bevy of the latest gravel features:
  • Steeper seat angle and slacker head angle to provide stability in the rough
  • Tire clearance up to 45cm with 700c tires or 2.1s with 650
  • Three water bottle mounts so you can stay hydrated on long rides
  • Bento box tabs on the top tube for carrying supplies on that long day out
  • Disc-brake specific design with through axles for enhanced frame rigidity and strength
With all of these features and the new geometry, the Ronin opens up a world of possibilities for the rider. It’s fun in the dirt, but also performs well on the road. It’s the best bike we’ve made for all terrain.

Optimal Build Kit

Our complete bike builds are the cornerstone of our reputation in the gravel bike industry. We offer some of the highest dollar-for-dollar value in the industry, and the Ronin is a testament to our attention to detail and focus on getting the right parts on the right bike at the right time. For example, a complete Shimano Ultegra Di2 Ronin features top-end ENVE bar, stem, and wheels, and is $2000 less than other brand’s Asian-made road bikes. Like Alchemy, ENVE Composites has a heritage in hand-crafted, US-made products that offer category defining performance. We’ve also recently added SRAM AXS Etap component build kits to our lineup. Like the Shimano above, the real benefit is the value — our Force model is a few thousand dollars less than the competition. Each customer who purchases a Ronin is allowed some build flexibility. For example, gearing combinations, crank length, bar width, and seatpost offset are all options that are ordered to suit rider needs. This completely personalized service is something you won’t find outside our walls, giving the Ronin yet another boost ahead of its competition.

Smooth as Butter Ride Quality

Alchemy has long been known for providing a unique, high performance ride quality — and the Ronin is no exception. The front triangle is engineered with a smaller, optimized top tube that’s combined with an oversize down tube. This allows the Ronin to be vertically compliant for riding comfort, but laterally stiff for power output. And while the Ronin’s thin wall 27.2 seat tube is designed to improve comfort in the saddle, the smaller seat stays (with more noticeable lateral bow) allow for more than normal vertical compliance. The Ronin also achieves the 45c tire clearance without dropping the chain stay, which improves aesthetics of the bike and bottom bracket stiffness at the same time. Not too shabby.

Tube-to-Tube Construction

Like all our road bikes, the Ronin carbon uses tube-to-tube construction. The incredible ride quality we described above is derived from how the tubes come together. The benefit of this type of construction process is unparalleled strength, as we’re able to ensure every piece of carbon is in the correct place it needs to be. Another one of our unique capabilities is providing custom geometry and custom paint to the Ronin Carbon frame. That means we can design a bike that will literally fit your riding style and personality like a glove, so you can show up in style to your next ride.

The Best Bike You’ve Ever Ridden

The Ronin Colorado carbon fiber gravel bike took over five years to develop, it’s built for a lifetime of riding. It’s the result of over 10 years of consciously and consistently improving our design and manufacturing processes, and we’re confident every rider who gives it a spin will take notice. Get more in-depth information and important specs about our Ronin carbon fiber gravel bike »

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