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Handmade by Alchemy in Colorado

Engineered, Designed, Prototyped, and Handmade by Alchemy in Colorado

All of our bikes are engineered, designed, prototyped, and developed entirely in our Colorado Workshop to be the finest you can find anywhere. And many of our carbon bikes and titanium frames are entirely handmade in this same facility.

All of our carbon frames are built using Alchemy Premium Carbon. That means all of our carbon frames meet our fabricators' uncompromising demands for frame quality and ride characteristics.

All our Ti bikes are prototyped and handmade in our Colorado workshop and can be completely customized to your specific needs.

Our patented SINE Suspension was engineered, designed and built to be the MOST EFFICIENT. SYSTEM. EVER. So along with its boutique fabrication, it also combines minimal pedal ‘bob’ with maximum power transfer, and offers precise, predictable descending and handling.