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LYCOS product description


The LYCOS (latin for Wolf) is the answer for those looking for a tough, singletrack worthy gravel bike that absolutely rips. Born out a desire for adventure, where speed was a necessity. The gravel specific geo will have you comfortable and smiling after hours in the backcountry or on hardpack. 

The LYCOS adds dramatically increased off-road capability, thanks to a slacker head tube angle, super-wide tire clearance, and compliant carbon geometry that's highly effective at absorbing chatter and bumps, but retains stiffness front-to-back for efficiency and breakneck speed. Bonus features like beautiful paintjobs, extra braze-ons, and SRAM's Universal Derailleur Hanger promise added versatility, range and durability.

Let your hair down, howl at the moon, and let the LYCOS take you blazing down gravel roads and beyond.