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Flip Chip: 

All new Arktos frames featuring our patented SINE Suspension (retro-fit chip also available) come standard with a pre-installed ‘Flip Chip’ which, with a simple ‘flip’ of the ‘chip’, changes the geometry of the bike, allowing the rider to dial the ride characteristics depending on the type of terrain/riding.

What is it?
The Flip Chip is a specially engineered spacer in the suspension linkage that can be rotated to alter your bike's geometry for different riding styles.

What does it do?
‘Flipping the Chip’ changes the head tube and seat tube angle by +/- ¾ of a degree, which in turn changes the ride characteristics of your bike.

How does it do it?

‘Flipping the Chip’ alters the location of the shock attachment: Putting the attachment farther forward steepens the angles; pulling the position back slackens the angles. 

When should I use it, and what will it do?
Any time before or even during a ride to suit the terrain and your preference. While ¾ of a degree doesn’t sound like much, this minor adjustment can mean major improvements in different conditions: If you prioritize to rip through windy rollers over gnarly descents, for instance, a steeper angle will make a bike quicker and more nimble handling. If you like to get rowdy on rough descents or full-send every roller, a slacker angle is less twitchy and more stable at high speed, especially over gnarly terrain. A quick glance at an XC bike next to a downhill bike will clearly show the steeper head tube/seat tube angles on the former and vice versa.