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Ronin Gravel vs. Hyas All-Road


Now more than ever, cyclists are venturing off paved roads and exploring other riding styles, leading to a desire for more versatile bikes with more tire clearance. With the rapid development of new bikes and technology, the industry is becoming increasingly complex. To make things easier, we recently broke our product line into three categories: Road, All-Road, and Gravel. We are here to explain the differences in the categories, what they are designed for, and which one (or two, or three) might be right for you.


The road category is the most familiar of the three. If you are thinking about getting into a local cycling club or want to take a shot at racing, this is probably the category for you. Road bikes are designed to be efficient, light, responsive, and corner hard. Not all road bikes are created equal and the Atlas is a defining example. When we designed the Atlas we incorporated years of cycling experience in Texas and Colorado to produce a road bike that will perform on every type of ride. Whether you are hammering corners on long mountain descents or grinding through that last crit lap, the Atlas has you covered. The Atlas was specifically designed to maneuver the city streets and cruise the country roads. The unique carbon layup and tube construction gives the Atlas unparalleled compliance while maintaining stiffness, so you can stay comfortable in the saddle and stay fast out of it. The Atlas offers 30mm tire clearance and is dual-routed to allow for internal eTap, Di2, or mechanical routing. If you’re main focus is sticking to dry paved roads, then the Atlas is for you.


Born out of want for a road frame with more versatility, All-Road has recently evolved into a segment of its own. These bikes are perfect for the commuter and weekend warrior or the rider looking for a "quiver-killer". If you like taking new routes and don’t mind some packed dirt then this is the bike for you. We saw a need for a road bike that can take a punch, thus the Hyas was born. Our Hyas features its own front and rear triangles with unique tube shapes to give you more compliance than the Atlas without sacrificing stiffness. We left room for 700c x 40mm tires, but kept a short wheelbase for tight cornering on paved roads. When road conditions change fast, you need a bike that will adapt. The All-Road line gives you unprecedented comfort without sacrificing control.


If you’re unaware of the latest gravel trend in the cycling industry, you’re probably living under a rock (which would actually make a gravel bike a very practical option for you). So what does this mean? At a 10,000 foot view, huge tire clearance and enough bottle cage and rack bosses to trek the Sahara. Most companies are achieving this by throwing as many things as they can at the bike and dropping chainstays to accommodate tires larger than anybody would practically need for a gravel bike. However, all of these measures, as with a lot of things in the bike industry, are attempts at offering something visual that ends up sacrificing ride quality, a measure that is in our brand identity to NEVER sacrifice. Form follows function, not fashion. When we set out to offer an answer to this undeniable market segment, we wanted to take our time and be much more intentional in our design. We wanted to think critically about what was necessary for races as gritty and challenging as the Dirty Kanza without sacrificing the ride quality that Alchemy is known for. Our answer is our new Ronin line. On the carbon side, it comes in the form of a bike offeringcomfortable700/45mm tire clearance, triple bottle cage mounts, fender mounts for the utilitarian riders out there, bento box bosses, and a custom ride-tuned carbon layup in a sub-17lb (58cm with Ultegra build), category leading superbike that, for kicks, is the ONLY fully-customizable geometry bike in the gravel category. The geometry and tube profiles on these bikes are optimized to ride everything from rural b-roads to local singletrack. While it can comfortably handle a local group ride with 28mm tires, that’s not necessarily why we built it. This line is purpose-built to get dirty while gobbling up rough roads and trails. Looking for something to use as a "quiver-killer" to handle everything from road racing to commuting and your local gravel ride? We’ll point you towards our All-Road bikes. These bikes are intentionally designed to kick more ass on gravel than anything out there.

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