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The First (And Only) Carbon Gravel E-Bike Made In The USA

The introduction of our newest bike, the E-Ronin, marked a significant step for Alchemy Bikes. Not only did it represent our first foray into the e-bike world, but the E-Ronin is the very first American-made carbon gravel e-bike.

This is a notable achievement in and of itself, which earned it the selection as ”Best Electric Gravel Bike” by . But in typical Alchemy tradition, we pushed the envelope even further by offering fully-customizable geometry, and the ability to change the stock paint scheme with different colors at no added cost. So not only is it the first carbon fiber gravel e-bike made in the USA, it’s also the only customizable one out there.

This makes the E-Ronin potentially one of the most interesting introductions into the gravel bike market this year. But the E-Ronin did not happen overnight. The bike was in development for over two years.

From design to development to the perfected final result, here’s the story of Alchemy’s E-Ronin — the only American-made gravel e-bike.

The Story Of The E-Ronin

The E-Ronin was designed to take you further and faster, in any weather condition and over any terrain.

The design is based on our Ronin series of gravel bikes that we introduced last year. But the E-Ronin features Fazua’s lightweight and ultra-integrated Evation mid-mounted drive system.

Note: All Ronins have what you need for those all-day adventures, including three water-bottle and bento-box mounts.

Why did we choose to use Fazua? For a number of reasons: For starters, we wanted to make the E-Ronin as light as possible. At 28 pounds, the finished product is one of the lightest e-bikes on the planet.

Fazua’s Evation system is key to achieving this goal. The complete system weight (including battery) sits at a low 10 pounds.

The Fazua is also powerful. It features 60NM torques with a 250 watt-hour battery. The

Evation has 3 externally-adjustable ride modes, and there isn’t resistance above speed limits. And the battery system is fully externally-removable, making for a quick battery swap.

From a rider’s perspective, the Fazua motor has a natural power delivery and very little motor noise. And when the motor is not activated (above legislated speed), you don’t feel drag.

The best part is, the motor and battery unit is fully-removable. So you can easily have a 18 pound bike when you don’t want the e-power.

The Process Of Making The E-Ronin

The E-Ronin is all-new, but the process to build it was not.

Like every Alchemy carbon frame produced at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we use a tube-to-tube construction method — a process in which we take a great deal of pride.

Most bike companies have moved their carbon building process to a monocoque design (where a bike comes out of a mold in one or two pieces and is epoxied together for structural integrity) to decrease cost and increase mass production capability. While this looks good on paper, our labor-intensive process gives our bikes the absolute best ride-quality in the world.

What does tube-to-tube construction mean? Each tube in every Alchemy is molded separately.

The carbon fibers in every tube are oriented, layed up, and combined based on the functionality of that tube in the overall ride quality of the bike. The tubes are then cut, mitered, and assembled using hand-wrapped pieces of carbon around the junctions.

Most bikes rely on epoxy for their structural integrity, which adds weight and becomes an eventual fatigue point. By wrapping the junctions with actual carbon fiber, our bikes maintain their ride-quality with the strength to last a lifetime.

This is especially pertinent in relation to the E-Ronin. The battery and motor fit simply in the frame, so the main challenges were to make them integrate as visually cleanly as possible.

We wanted the E-Ronin to look like a normal gravel bike, while having the amazing ride quality that Alchemy is know for. We feel the finished product does just that.

E- Ronin Specifications:

  • $6499 frame/$8499 complete bike
  • 28 pound complete bike weight
  • Water-bottle mounts and bento-box mounts
  • 27.2 seat post

Evation Features

  • Complete system weight including battery of just 4.6kg (about 10 pounds)
  • 60NM torque/250WH battery
  • 3 externally adjustable ride modes
  • No resistance above speed limits
  • Fully removable drop-out battery system

Discover The Only American-Made Gravel E-Bike

As Alchemy E-Ronin engineer Matt Maczuzek says, “The limitation to how far I can go on a gravel ride from my house in Colorado is my personal energy. The E-Ronin allowed me to explore further and faster, while having more fun.”

So what are you waiting for? Check out the only American-made gravel e-bike on the market and get ready to go further, faster, and have more fun!

Discover the Alchemy E-Ronin gravel bike >

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