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What People Are Saying About Alchemy’s Custom Bicycles

Alchemy has been transforming rides with our custom bicycles for over 10 years now, and people have been taking notice. We love seeing new rave reviews of our bikes roll in, from Road Bike Action to GearJunkie to Bike Mag. That’s why we thought we’d share what people are saying about Alchemy — so you don’t just have to take our word for it when we say that our bikes are some of the most sought-after in the business.

Why Alchemy Bicycles Are So Popular

There’s a reason we’re considered to be “one of the most esteemed handmade builders in the country” (, and that our “custom road and mountain bikes are now some of the most highly sought-after in the handmade world” ( It’s not just because we hand-make all our titanium bikes and some mountain bikes in-shop, and it’s not just because all our bikes look beautiful. It’s because the ride is everything you could ask for. How do we do it? On the road side of things, our custom construction technique allows for each bike to be hand-tailored to every individual customer. Our mountain bikes benefit from our exclusive SINE suspension, a system which provides for excellent pedaling and descending on one clean, compact, stiff package. The result is a ride unlike any other. As GearJunkie put it, “you can feel the difference in design.” The Robb Report praised Alchemy as an “outlier” in the handmade market, making “high-end” road bikes and mountain bikes for “serious cyclists.” No wonder then that we’ve won “Best Carbon Bike” not once but twice at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. But what are people saying about our specific bike models? Let’s take a look.

What People Are Saying About the Eros — Our First Bike

Made in dreams and built by hand in Colorado, the Eros is the first road bike we ever produced. A titanium design makes the Eros a forgiving yet compelling ride, one that can handle everything from steep climbs to sharp descents with ease. The Eros has been surprising and impressing riders and industry experts since its debut:
“The Eros an absolute joy of a bike to ride: full of personality, stout under power, comfortable and entertaining to ride in normal conditions, and with enough tire clearance to handle modest off-tarmac excursions.” —
delivers traditional frame styling coupled with an impressive fabrication, and stiffness that will satisfy someone wanting the performance of carbon ” —
Learn more about the Alchemy Eros »

What People Are Saying About the Arktos — Our First Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

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All the bicycles in our Arktos series feature our patented Sine full-suspension system, which is efficient, responsive, and provides downhill capabilities unparalleled in today’s crop of modern trail bikes. You can’t go wrong with an Arktos, whatever model you choose. found the Arktos 29er mountain bike to be “incredibly smooth and controlled”, an “exceptional-pedaling, long-travel bike still very much boasting ground-hugging tendencies.” But they’re not the only experts who love it. calls the Arktos 29 “an elite-level machine packed with performance.” Our Arktos 29 ST is a short-travel version of the Arktos 29. When rode it, they found it to be “the best of both worlds: ride hundreds of miles of readily available blue-line trails, and when your enduro bros finally agree on a weekend destination, you can shred blacks.” We’ll take it. Learn more about the Arktos 29 » Learn more about the Arktos 29 ST » Learn more about the Arktos 27.5 »

What People Are Saying About the nine7five — Our Mixed Wheel Bike

Our mixed wheel bike is business in the front and party in the rear. Like a mullet, but actually cool. The large front wheel allows the nine7five to take on any obstacle, while the small back tire provides quick and playful handling. It was originally designed specifically for EWS racer Cody Kelley, and guess what? He won the first event he competed in on this bike. Now this design is available to anyone, and the reviews have been ecstatic. Mountain Flyer Magazine declares it “inspired.” But it’s not just the industry experts who love this ride. Our customers do, too.
"I am a smaller rider, and having the 27.5 in the back really helps me get the bike around tight corners. At the same time, having the larger front wheel give me the feeling like I have the rollover abilities of a 29er. It's really a perfect combination." — Meghan, Alchemy customer
"Perfect fit and ride, the finish and detail on the frame is beautiful. Far better than I deserve but...worth it." — Doug, Alchemy customer
Learn more about the nine7five »

Why Alchemy?

All our custom bikes are made by Alchemy craftsmen in our Denver workshop, a place GearJunkie called one of the cleanest and best-flowing factories they’ve seen. What we’ve shared is just a selection of some of the effusive reviews our bicycles have received in recent years. If you still want to dig deeper, you can read full reviews from a number of industry publications and learn more about the processes and technologies that set our artisan-built bikes apart in our journal. Check out our journal to dig deeper into why Alchemy has been winning over serious cyclists across the globe »

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