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At Alchemy our bikes start with the single goal to build the world's best bike. This process starts with design. 



Alchemy Premium Carbon: Total Control; Nothing to Hide

Of all of the materials used to make bicycle frames, carbon fiber, by far, gives builders the most control over material placement, and along with it the most control over a bike's ride characteristics, strength, stiffness, fit, feel and other factors. 

Titanium Bikes Made By Hand

You have heard the lore of titanium: snappiness, comfort, and exceptional ride feel. For those that aspire to the metals, the Alchemy team brings decades of precision experience. Master welders shape, miter, and weld metal into something that is truly a work of art.

SINE SUSPENSION sine-suspension

We have developed our patented SINE Suspensionsystem with the characteristics and kinematics to best counteract the effects of weight transfer on the suspension system, eliminating bobbing from pedaling, while retaining the maximum tune-ability for riders of various sizes, proportions and ride feel preferences, to get the optimum suspension performance from their Arktos whether that's in terms of sag/negative stroke suppleness, mid-stroke stability and playfulness, or end-stroke/big-impact absorption.