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AMAROK product description


The AMAROK is the Titanium answer akin to our carbon LYCOS, and is perfect for those looking for a tough, singletrack worthy gravel bike that absolutely rips. Born out a desire for adventure, where speed was a necessity. The gravel specific geo will have you comfortable and smiling after hours in the backcountry or on hardpack. Titanium lasts a lifetime and provides a comfortable off-road pedaling platform.

The AMAROK brings burly off-road capability, thanks to a slacker head tube angle, dropped stays, and super-wide tire clearance. Bonus features like fully custom paint options, extra braze-ons for racks and fenders, and SRAM's Universal Derailleur Hanger promise added versatility, range and durability.

A mythological wolf that hunts alone. A huge, graceful hunter with spiritual power that preys on those who wander out into the wilderness.