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The 2022 Arktos - Available Now!

You may have seen the news this weekend at the Sea Otter Classic. The 2022 Arktos is available now! 

The 2022 Arktos builds upon everything you love about the Arktos. It features our exclusive Sine Suspension, Fox Factory fork and shock, Industry Nine hoops, and now... A FLIP CHIP!


The Flip Chip

A flip chip is a simple addition to our suspension linkage. This chip is located where the shock extender meets the suspension link. This bolt used to be static, making the bike a single use bike. However, adding this flip chip allows a rider to make a quick adjustment to their geometry. The result, now, you can have two bikes in one with the flip chip modification. Transform the Arktos from a capable, playful bike with a steeper maneuverable geometry to a wickedly fast trail slaying machine. In addition, it allows for seamless transition between a mixed-wheel (mullet) bike and standard 29 inch bike. 


All 2022 Arktos will be equipped with this feature. Pricing and more detail can be found on each product page:

  1. Arktos 120 - From $5,499
  2. Arktos 135 - From $5,899
  3. Arktos 150 - From $6,099

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