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The All New Rogue Gravel Bike

Another bike launch at this year's Sea Otter Classic was the all new Alchemy Rogue gravel bike. 


The Alchemy Rogue is a natural expansion of Alchemy’s handmade in Colorado gravel bike lineup and the perfect complement to the Ronin. The Rogue brings more terrain capability with a slack head tube angle, wider tire clearance and updated geometry. It is the first US-made gravel bike to include the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH), giving the bike more range and reliability. In addition, the frame is built with the award-winning Alchemy Factory Carbon that has been revered for over a decade. 


The Rogue also is finished with a unique Cerakote ceramic coating, done in-house. This gives it a more durable finish than liquid paint, which is perfect for the rugged gravel bike terrain one would encounter on the Rogue. Cerakote is also 1/6th the thickness of liquid paint making it much lighter. 

Featured Information:

  • Max 700x50c / 650x2.2” Tire Clearance
  • Dropped seat stays
  • Universal Derailleur Hanger
  • Numerous mounts for racks, bags and bottles
  • Progressive, modern, suspension-corrected geometry
  • Compatible with hydraulic droppers as well as wireless droppers
  • Aerodynamic frame design
  • Custom paint and build kit options available

Pricing and Availability:

    • Frameset Module - $4,299
    • Builds ranging from $7,999 to $9,999
    • Now accepting reservations with delivery in December


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