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Alchemy Bikes


This is the core of the Alchemy way: We only build premium bikes and we only ship direct from Golden, CO.

This way, you get a top-of-the-line ride with minimal markups and with custom attention from the manufacturer.

Alchemy Bikes


We do most our bikes custom. Which means even if you choose an in-stock bike, you get custom support! Questions about build kits? Custom paint? Or just want help finding the right bike? Call or email!

With Alchemy you'll always get personal service and never be left hanging.

we're at the shop weekdays until 5:30


Alchemy is a small team of 9. We still build bikes custom in Golden, CO and offer a 1:1 boutique experience where riders can build the bike of their dreams.

Among us, we have almost 200 years of bike building, engineering, and design experience.

Alchemy Bikes are the best of the best.

Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes


From custom paint schemes on any frame to custom geometry on select road and gravel bikes, you truly can build your perfect ride here.

Alchemy is born different. Want something unique? Want something to make a statement? Want something premium?

You’ll want an Alchemy.

Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes

Au – Alchemy Ultralight: Gold Level Performance

Au – The chemical symbol for Gold – signifies the highest line of quality from our USA shop.

The Alchemy Ultralight line of road, gravel, and Ti MTBs is insanely lightweight (how does an 800g Large gravel frame sound?) and more stiff for a more responsive, race-ready ride.

This is handmade performance at its finest.

IT STARTS WITH THE FIT – fit included with every frame

Any dream bike starts with a custom fit, and Alchemy is proud to provide custom geometry on both Atlas & Ronin titanium and carbon frames.

Each Alchemy carbon frame utilizes a tube-to-tube construction followed by a unique overlaying design. This allows for a proper fit for everyone, regardless of height.

The same can be said for our hand-welded US-made titanium frames. We can design around your custom needs.

Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes


We have developed our patented SINE suspension system with the characteristics and kinematics to best counteract the effects of weight transfer on the suspension system, eliminating bobbing from pedaling, while retaining the maximum tune-ability for riders of various sizes.


The Flip Chip is a specially engineered spacer in the suspension linkage that can be rotated to alter the ARKTOS geometry for different riding styles. Adjust the head and seat tube angles by 3/4° with the turn of a bolt.

Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes


Any ARKTOS model can be easily converted into a different travel (or back again) in under 30 minutes, with one of Alchemy’s Conversion Kits, so you literally have two (or three!) bikes in one for a fraction of the cost.

Alchemy Bikes
Alchemy Bikes