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Maryland Mountain & Hard Money Review

A few of the guys from Alchemy Bikes took the day to go ride Hard Money and the new mountain bike trail system built by COMBA this last year. We were very impressed with the attention to detail and trail conditions. Below is our Initial review, and a blurb about how the Arktos held up!

MM blue line.JPG

As described on COMBA's website, Maryland Mountain is located 30 miles west of Denver just outside of the main strip of casinos and shops in Blackhawk, CO. The city acquired 600-acres and began to design over 12 miles of mountain bike trails. COMBA was heavily involved making these trails extremely accessible for mountain bikers of all capabilities.  

Our team has been up several times, riding the Arktos | 135 and Arktos | 150. First impressions from our head mechanic are, "Best bang for your buck loop, climbing Easy Money to Claim Jumper, then short loop it back up to Hard Money and back to your car within 2 hours or so. It is fast, flowy, and fun. The berms are bigger than Floyd and much more exposed. Absolutely Loved it!"

akrtos-mountain-bike, maryland mountain

While our marketing manager loved the options for "extra credit" making this trail ride-able for mountain bike riders from beginner to expert. The Arktos | 135 was the perfect bike for this trail system. The pedal efficiency on the climbs made it feel so easy, while the Sine suspension ate every feature we threw at it. 

Final thoughts on this trail is that it is a treat. We at Alchemy are very thankful that COMBA has made such an impact on the front range of Colorado developing mountain bike specific trails like this, Floyd Hill and many others.



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August 31, 2021

Maryland Mountain was the very first trail my son and I rode on our new Arktos 150s on. Such a great trail system and ride. Been back many times.

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