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5 MORE mountain bike trails in Moab perfect for the arktos

Porcupine Rim

Perhaps one of the most scenic mountain bike trails in the world, Porcupine Rim makes up part of the famous “Whole Enchilada" ride. Arrange a shuttle to the top and you have an 11-mile descent awaiting. Don’t get too distracted by the scenery here; keep your eyes on the trail or you may be in for a nasty crash. If you’re riding the Whole Enchilada, make sure to prepare accordingly because it is a serious and long ride.


While some riders may hate on Slickrock for being to crowded, there is a reason why it’s one of the most well-known trails in Moab. A classic, Slickrock 

offers fun rolling climbs and descents on huge sandstone slabs. Contrary to the name, this rock is anything but slick, as your mountain bike tires will have nearly infinite traction.

Klondike Bluffs

There are a ton of great trails at Klondike Bluffs, just outside of the town of Moab. Our favorite is a loop from the south parking lot north to the Alaska Trail and back. While Moab isn’t known for its flow, Alaska does have some good stretches that will get you in your groove. Head up Baby Steps and mega Steps to descend Alaska to EKG. EKG is one big Sandstone slab with lots of small drops and technical features, you’ll definitely give it a good workout. Dino Flow is an easier alternative, too.

Mag 7

The Magnificent 7, or Mag 7, trails have some of the best riding in Moab, including some of the gnarliest technical sections and huge cliff exposure. There is a popular point-to-point route that samples all of the trails over a 22-mile ride, so get ready for a full day on the trails. The upper section on the Bull Run Trail is flowy and fun, and then the ride gets progressively more technical as it reaches toward the Colorado River. The Portal Trail is the technical highlight, perched on a cliff over the river. These trails are what Moab mountain biking is all about.


Amasa Back

A short but sweet ride, Amasa Back is a must-ride for mountain bikers looking for a technical ride, both on the way up and down.There are tricky lines galore that will give even expert riders a technical challenge. This trail sits to the south of town, and is great to hit in the evening after a ride like Slickrock. Hymasa and Captain Ahab are also good options nearby.

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