Custom Paint

At Alchemy Bikes we put the final touches on every frame with the ability to offer custom paint on your bike starting at $500. We use both standard liquid paint as well as Cerakote for vibrant and durable finishes. 

The Process

If you are looking to customize the paint on your bike frame here is what the process  looks like:

  1. Place your order for your bike (frame or complete) and select custom paint
  2. Dream up your paint scheme
  3. An Alchemy team member will connect with you and build a paint mock and discuss costs
  4.  We confirm pricing, specific shades of color , and get your approval to proceed
  5. Your frame is handed off to our painter then built to your spec

Lead times on custom paint jobs typically add 2-3 weeks to your quoted build time and paint costs do vary. 

 ronin-carbon          atlas-road-bike     

Cerakote and Liquid Paint 

Compared to standard liquid paint, Cerakote offers several different attributes. It is a very thin and light polymer/ceramic coating with it's color suspended in the polymers. Ceraktoe is drastically more durable compared to liquid paint and Cerakote is applied at approximately 1/6 the thickness of liquid paint resulting in a much lighter finish. Cerakote does not chip the way liquid paint does.  Trust us, we have tried! Over time, both finishes can scratch and rub off over time (think rub points on a rack or bike packing bag. We build bikes to last a lifetime and we feel Cerakote is a great addition to our paint options to also last a lifetime. 

Meticulous. Full color. Hand finished. 

Taping is painting. And with each layer of paint comes the meticulous process of applying the tape. No decals are used on an Alchemy frame, and no matter how complex the artwork, it is prepped and applied by hand, layer-by-layer. 

There are no limits to your design. With a full range of automotive-quality paints, there are millions of colors and combinations. This is your bike. Make it your own.

We believe in crafted bikes, from tubes to clear coat. This is an art object that rolls. This is a craftsman’s work. This is more than a bicycle.



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