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Ambassador Highlight | Ezekiel Cramer

As part of our ambassador program, we love to highlight the riders out there on Alchemy Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes. Here is one of our Ambassadors Ezekiel (Zeke) Cramer!


Yeah so my name is Ezekiel Cramer, and I am a professional downhill mountain biker out of Gunnison, Colorado. I’ve been riding mountain bikes since I was two years old and quickly got into racing mountain bikes after moving to Colorado. I started out racing cross country mountain biking in the Colorado NICA league and quickly realized my passion for riding downhill. Even on the largest rides I’d still try to rip the descents into oblivion despite my fatigue. When the time came to graduate high school and go to a college, I chose to come to Western Colorado University in Gunnison. My intentions for making this choice was to join their downhill mountain biking team and pursue a master’s degree in Environmental Management. In collegiate racing, I was able to quickly move through the ranks and become one of the top level collegiate DH racers after only a few events. A few non-collegiate events after that I received my pro domestic racing license. Obsessive would be an understatement to describe how I’ve worked at getting to the level I am at now. I train constantly in the off season at the gym and practice skills endlessly on short sections of trail. It is a grind and I love seeing the gains every race! Even still, I love going on huge adventure rides to enjoy the backcountry with my friends when I am not consumed with racing. Slowly but surely I have been chipping away at the mountain of learning and pace I need on my road to becoming a world cup downhiller. On this journey I’ve even managed to nab myself a couple of top 5s in U.S National Series races so far with my sights set on winning them in the future. Up next I’ll be going into the second half of my race season this fall with events including the Colorado Collegiate Season, Collegiate Nationals, and the Sea Otter classic. I am so incredibly blessed to be where I am at now and I am insanely stoked to continue my progression as a rider and a racer!

Zeke's Arktos Review:

The Alchemy Arktos mullet takes the old Arktos design to a level it was always meant to be at. The added travel, smaller rear wheel, and slacker geometry on the new model turns this once trail bike into an absolute descent slayer. The bike charges in a straight line on the roughest sections of the trail and is extremely nimble in the corners thanks to the 27.5 wheel. As a downhill racer, I've always tried to get my trail bike to feel as much like my downhill bike as possible and until now I have not succeeded in that endeavor with most bikes falling way short in the stiffness department and in their grip while cornering. The mullet Arktos fits the bill of a DH bike on the descent that also climbs just amazing thanks to the sine suspension that provides a steady platform for pedaling.

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