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Arktos Conversion Kits

One Bike to Ride Them All

Conversion Kits: 

Any Arktos model can be easily converted into a different model (or back again) in under 30 minutes, with one of Alchemy’s Conversion Kits, so you literally have two bikes in one for a fraction of the cost.

What are they? Aftermarket full-suspension kits, including fork, shock and shock extender link, which can be easily installed on any Arktosmodel to turn it into any other Arktos model by increasing or decreasing travel while also optimizing the geometry for the new travel length. 

What does it do? In short our conversion kits turn one bike into a second, very different bike, for a fraction of the cost of buying a complete second bike. Once installed, these will drastically alter the ride characteristics to suit the terrain or riding style. So if you own an Arktos 120for instance, you can change it to an Arktos 135 or Arktos 150 and back again (and vice versa).

How does it do it? A simple, sub-30-minute procedure in which you simply swap the existing suspension with the new fork and shock – custom tuned by FOX for each frame size of the Arktos – and a shock extender which shortens or elongates the linkage to ensure proper geometry for each corresponding travel option. So in the above example, the original Arktos 120 will now have the same travel and geometry as the stock Arktos 135 or Arktos 150 (and vice versa of course).

When should I use it, and what will it do? 

With such a quick turnaround, you can easily make the swap any time you wish you had a different bike for the day’s ride, whether you’re heading out for a ride on trails with considerably different terrain than your usual digs; or if one day you want to crush your PR on a long climb, and the next day you want to annihilate your descent PR! Or you simply want to ride a longer- or shorter-travel rig occasionally.

It’s also an awesome bonus when you travel to ride. Say you live in the Southwest, and your usual trails are smooth, rolling and flowy: You don’t need as much travel at home, so you bought an Arktos 120 – but then you plan a trip to Whistler to shred some North Shore Gnar, and you don’t want to rent a bike. With the conversion kits, you can slap on the 135 or 150 conversion kit and you’re golden! And of course it works the other way around as well. Whatever the reason, our conversion kits -- especially when combined with the built-in Flip Chip on all Arktos frames -- will ensure you’ve got the perfect amount of travel and the ideal geometry for the task at hand.