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Alchemy Unveils Arktos 29 Mountain Bike at Sea Otter Classic 2018

With one of the biggest crowds in its history (74,000 total in attendance), the 2018 Sea Otter Classic made for one hell of a show this year. In its typical patriotic-centered fashion, the Monterey, California Dual Slalom course was lined from top to bottom with throngs of American flags, animated spectators, and even some cheering animals (like a pig with a flag in its mouth one day.) Inside the fence, Cody Kelley and Anneke Beerten were running the courses in both the dual slalom and downhill races. Cody came in 9th place in the downhill event, but struggled with a fall during the dual slalom. That didn’t stop him from getting right back up and entertaining the crowd with one of his signature whips, giving the crowd something to cheer for. Anneke came in 2nd place in both events, making us proud as she pumped, jumped and slid down the courses. When they weren’t on the track, Anneke and Cody were getting plenty of attention from their fans at the Alchemy booth. All-in-all a successful weekend for the racers, but we were also pumped to show off the newest addition to the Alchemy family. At this year’s Sea Otter Classic, we rolled out our new (and long-awaited) Arktos 29 mountain bike. The Arktos 29 is the ultimate do-it-all trail weapon. With the new 29-inch full suspension option, we’ve added a Super Boost rear triangle (157-milimeter, wider flanged rear hub) and increased reach to this new model. The heart of the Arktos is the Sine Suspension System, our patented design that’s plush at the start of the travel, progressive in the middle, and smooth at bottom out. To celebrate the introduction of the bike, we showcased two new color options (vanilla and grey) at our booth and arranged a little surprise for Anneke and Cody. We designed custom 29ers for them, each with a one-of-a-kind paint job. Cody’s bike is full-on ‘Merica with red, white, and blue stars and stripes, while Anneke’s bright orange bike with the Order of the Lion pays homage to her Dutch roots. With an overall successful launch and prominent presence at Sea Otter, we’ve already picked up some note-worthy press about the Arktos 29 debut, including BIKE Magazine, Pink Bike, and Bike Rumor. Want to get your hands on one? They’re available for order today.

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