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The Golden Blend of You and Bike

Alchemy Bikes: The Golden Blend of You and Bike

As our name suggests, the bike fabricators/cycling fanatics at Alchemy are passionate about and fully committed to combining all the elements of your perfect bike-buying and bike-riding experiences. After all, like you, we ride what we create, and we want our bikes to be Pure Gold. That is why Alchemy is a ‘Direct-From-Fabricator-to-Rider’ brand, just one of the many ways we DFFR from the rest. We provide a boutique service throughout your bike buying and riding experience, and our small-batch bikes feature the highest-quality frames and components and are shipped directly to our riders. Alchemy will never compromise building the absolute perfect bike for you: We will work directly with you in person at our Colorado Workshop, or by phone, email, or chat to personalize your bike to your unique riding style. Then we’ll handbuild your bike  and deliver it to your door fully assembled – for no additional charge – via Kitzuma, so you can ride it the minute you receive it. But it doesn’t end there: We also offer our 30-day no-hassle ride guarantee through our DAREprogram; and much more.